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Congressman Steve Israel

Representing the 3rd District of NEW YORK

Rep. Israel Statement on Passage of Trade Promotion Authority

Jun 12, 2015
Press Release

Washington – Representative Steve Israel (NY-03) released the following statement after passage of Trade Promotion Authority the Hatch-Wyden-Ryan Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) also known as “fast track” legislation, which gives the President authority to negotiate international trade agreements without Congressional amendments.

“Every day Americans want a better deal for their paychecks, not just an increase in gross domestic product. Across the country we are facing a new and rapidly changing economy with different challenges that require new solutions. I support free and fair trade, but show me a trade deal that actually works for hardworking Americans – that puts more money in their pocket, gives them the tools they need to get and stay ahead, and grows our economy here at home. Until I see a deal that works for hardworking Americans, I will continue urging congressional oversight over any secret trade negotiations that hurt American businesses and American workers.”

On Friday, June 12th the House of Representatives passed Trade Promotion Authority legislation by a vote of 219-211.