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Congressman Steve Israel

Representing the 3rd District of NEW YORK

Rep. Israel: House Republicans Injecting Irresponsible Partisan Politics into Iran Deal with Last-Minute Three-Bill Gimmick

Sep 10, 2015
Press Release

Washington - Representative Steve Israel (NY-03) released the following statement after House Republicans announced a last-minute change to the House floor agenda. The House of Representatives is now set to vote on three pieces of legislation, which is completely different from the original plan to vote on a resolution of disapproval.

“As a strong and visible opponent of the Iran deal, I’m outraged by the last-minute decision of House Republican leaders to inject irresponsible partisan politics into the upcoming vote.  This three-bill gimmick is designed to play political games instead of allowing a thoughtful debate on the merits of the Iran deal. Republicans are, once again, playing political football with the safety and security of Israel, proving they care more about their partisan agenda than a pro-Israel agenda.

“The responsible action would have been to allow a vote for or against the deal. Instead, this last-minute gimmick proves that House Republicans have not only doubled down, but also tripled down on their reckless partisanship, instead of focusing on governing responsibly.”

Rep. Israel is the highest ranking Jewish Democrat in the House of Representatives, and a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense.